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Every day we come into contact with various materials and skin products that may be causing you contact dermatitis:


• Cosmetics, or fragrances and perfumes.

   These can be added to any number of skin

   care products, such as soaps, creams,

   lotions, deodorants, tissues, toilet paper,

   fabric softeners

• Dye found in some clothing, leather

   products, or fur, and the dye sometimes

   found in hair coloring products

• Latex, sometimes found in plastic gloves,

   clothing waistbands, toys, balloons, and

   much more

The more common type of contact dermatitis is called irritant contact dermatitis and it occurs when you touch something that you're sensitive to.


The second type that can cause a very similar reaction is called allergic contact dermatitis. This occurs when you touch an allergen or something you're allergic to.

The two different types of

contact dermatitis

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Common causes of

contact dermatitis

The symptoms of both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis are similar, and can include:


• Redness and swelling on the area of

   skin affected

• Itching, and itchy bumps sometimes

   oozing fluid

• A rash

• The area of skin may feel hot to the touch

• Peeling skin

The symptoms of the

two different types

Dr. Parry is the only board-certified allergist/

immunologist in Pocatello. He can diagnose your contact dermatitis and properly treat it.

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